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U like Hugh Laurie right?

Posted by black_raven_ on 2005.11.03 at 11:07
well come on, who the frick wouldnt! it is so amazingly funny to watch him in black adder! he is sooo brilliant in that. suggest u watch it if u havent. and if u like hugh laurie im sure u luv house. i hav tried to sway myself off tv but that stupid show has got me addicted! i am an overly romantic girl, dont tell anyone, they wont believe u! im the tomboy type but i am a secret romanitc! oh my gosh, i just tangented my conversation! back to house.... how cute is cameron and house! i hav wanted them to get together from the start. he is old, thats wat my friend said... but is sooooooooo cute! and he could be worst?


deliriouseagle at 2005-11-03 09:31 (UTC) (Link)
Hugh Laurie...*squee*!
Yes, I adore him. And I've seen him in Blackadder the 3rd, and a little bit of the fourth (? I think...the military one.)
Sadly, I only just found out about him...can't really remember how, I think I was reading someone's lj and they pretty much waxed lyrical on him. Of course, after that, House came on tv and I was all, !!! (for lack of a better expression :P ).
Yeah, I think Cameron and House would be sweet together too, although me being the slasher I am, I also wouldn't mind Wilson and House, heehee. In more seriousness, though, I do like Cameron. She's so...innocent-ish.
Heh, my friends see me as a bit of a tomboy too...mostly in the way I dress, though. I can't help it! Feminine things just don't suit me T_T
black_raven_ at 2005-11-06 23:35 (UTC) (Link)

i know

aint that just the way. and i got my ears pierce and my friends wouldnt stop laughin at me! i love wilson! he is so cool!
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